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Polar Pinion Adjustment Gear Kit 044924, 256696 - G314


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  • Our Part Number: G314

Polar Pinion Adjustment Gear Kit (equivalent to Polar 059882, 044924, ZA3.044924 or 256969, ZA3.256696)

This kit is Polar original part number 059882.  This kit includes all of the parts in the attached photos, including the brass pinion gear (044924 or 256696), washers (202843, 222745, 220951, 022332), screws (202080, 201566), 2 black plastic guide gibs (221894), and white plastic plate backing plate (026634).

The bronze pinion or "gear" is used in the blade carrier.  It measures approximately 25.2 mm (.98") in diameter at the large end X 85 mm (3.35") long.  There are 7 gear teeth at the back end, and there is an 8 mm hex socket at the front end.

This is used on the following Polar paper cutter models, if the cutter has the optional "OptiKnife" center knife changing option:

Polar 115 EMC-MON, S, E, ED, X, XT

Polar 137 EMC-MON, S, E, ED, X, XT

Polar 155 EMC-MON, E, ED, X, XT

Polar 176 EMC-MON, E, ED, X, XT